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Membership Benefits

  • Complimentary 30-Day Subscriptions for your sellers
  • Property Preview allows you to select videos that you specifically want your seller to see
  • Helps sellers focus on what matters most to buyers
  • Full access to all videos and checklists
  • Better-looking listings often sell for more, in less time
  • Makes your marketing more effective
  • Affordable, full-year membership plans

How it Works

  1. Offer your sellers a complimentary 30-Day Subscription, by simply filling out their name and email address.
  2. Complete the optional Property Preview and select the videos that you specifically would like your sellers to see. Available in My Account.
  3. If you completed a Property Preview online, it will be waiting for them in their Message Center when they sign in!

    Your sellers then...
  • Gain immediate access to everything they need to improve the condition and presentation of all areas of the house and property.
  • Use interactive checklists for any room. Helpful tips and photos for every item are just a click away. Items marked complete are saved to help them stay on track. Links to short videos are available if the need more information.

Annual Membership Plans

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30-Day Seller Subscriptions



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Don’t miss these introductory savings!

Launched in September 2015, HouseTie is offering these introductory prices for one year.
Members who join during our first year will lock in these savings when they renew for the second year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Membership: $99.99 — Includes 3 complimentary 30-Day Seller Subscriptions. Additional subscriptions can be purchased for $33 each.

Pro Membership: $199.99 — Includes 10 complimentary 30-Day Seller Subscriptions. Additional subscriptions can be purchased for $20 each.

Elite Membership: $399.99 — Includes 25 complimentary 30-Day Seller Subscriptions. Additional subscriptions can be purchased for $16 each.
From your My Account page at HouseTie.com:

Assign a complimentary 30-Day Subscription by going to the My Sellers and Subscriptions tab. Then click on the New Seller Subscription banner and enter their name and email address.

Your sellers will now be able to have full access to the site by signing in at the top of the homepage at HouseTie.com.
The Property Preview is an index of every HouseTie video. Use it during or after a tour of the house and property to customize HouseTie for each listing prospect and Seller. You can save it for later or instantly send it to your sellers' Message Center for them to view when they sign in.
Additional subscriptions can be purchased within the My Sellers and Subscriptions tab. Depending on your membership plan, additional subscription are as follows:
Basic Members - $33 each
Pro Members - $20 each
Elite Members - $16 each
Your seller can renew for an additional 30-Day Subscription for $24.99.

Renewal notices are sent to your seller by email prior to their expiration date. A seller's subscription will not renew automatically.

Any unused Subscriptions will simply be rolled over to the follow year when you renew your membership.