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Why is it important to prepare your property?

Property Preparation Benefits

  • Boosts your curb appeal and that all-important first impression
  • Increases the likelihood of showing requests from your online photos
  • Helps buyers to visualize your property as their next home
  • Buyers can more easily see how their furniture will fit
  • A more appealing home often sells for more, in less time

HouseTie Benefits for Sellers

  • The quickest and easiest way for you to make your property more appealing to buyers
  • Covers every room of the house and all areas of the property
  • Many easy improvements at little or no cost
  • Time-saving videos and checklists – with tips and photos just one click away
  • Videos with many photos and examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. A subscription must be issued by a Real Estate Professional.

A seller subscription is 30 days in length.
Yes! You can renew for an additional 30-Day Subscription for $24.99.

Renewal notices are sent to you by email prior to your expiration date. Your subscription will not renew automatically.