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Context of Proposition 65 Warning of the State of California

With the environmentalists call for a safe environment to protect the earth and its inhabitants, consumers are getting more aware on the materials or ingredients used on creating products. One such item that was given much attention is furniture. Others may not know it but the furniture materials like wood dust, PVC, brass or other compounds present on household items and furniture are harmful to us. These brought several associations to organize their own campaign to check on this matter.

Upholding their goal of protecting their citizens from consumer products' issues, the state of California has implemented the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. Also known as the "Proposition 65", its initial objective is to safeguard all sources of drinking water from chemical contaminants. The extent of the law has expanded for the past years, though. Places like the parking areas, hospitals, schools, hardware stores, parks and any respectable business establishments have placed warning signage. Under the Proposition 65 Law, all products should have warning labels.

To protect consumers, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) issued a list of carcinogen or reproductive toxicants consisting of more than 800 chemical elements. Some of the elements in the list include wood dust, PVC, brass and other common compounds that endanger lives. A certain chemical used as a flame retardant for furniture upholstery foams was included in the list recently. Other compounds included in the Proposition 65 list of harmful elements are present in common commodities like: beauty products, ceramic table ware, lead crystal glasses, electric cords, jewelries, lamps, vehicles and even furniture.

HouseTie upholds the Proposition 65 law of California. Our customers are our responsibility and have the right to information; and it is our desire to protect them from any danger. There is always a possibility that wood dust and other elements included in the Proposition 65 list may be present on our furniture or packing materials that we offer to our customers. To forewarn our customers, we have included the required precise phrasing of the State of California in all our furniture items, which is: "This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm."

The forewarning is frightening. For the safety of our customers, we want to assure them by giving them the correct information based on dependable research findings.

Although studies revealed that wood dust endangers the health, a reliable research study affirmed that the amount of wood dust exposure determines the risk to one's health. People working in the furniture workplace are more at risk to wood dust during the sawing and sanding process. HouseTie works with manufacturers that ensure that the items we offer go through a strict quality assurance check to ensure our customers' safety. All our products were found to have VIRTUALLY NO WOOD DUST PARTICLES as it leaves our factory and store and are shipped clean and safe.

Although the warning label is a requirement in the state of California, HouseTie deemed it necessary to put the link to this page on every footer of our website. Our concern does not limit us to people in California but all over the world. Our furniture products reach out to other countries and placing the sign to all our items is our way of showing that we care for our customers and our way of thanking them for their continued patronage.

HouseTie will never reach this far if not for our genuine and truthful commitment and dedication to provide the most excellent quality, functional and safest furniture and decor products. We have an established reputation for providing honest service in the furniture and home decor industry. We value our customers and employees so we prioritize their safety and needs.

HouseTie has always complied with all environmental and safety directives stipulated by the state and federal guidelines. We join the state of California and other environmental cause-oriented organizations in their quest for a clean environment to protect people's lives. We will continue to provide excellent quality, useful and durable furniture and decor products that exude beauty and elegance without compromising your safety as well as your family's well being.

HouseTie reiterates our commitment to you – our CUSTOMERS. Learn more about California Proposition 65 here  

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