Chalkworthy Cottage Antiquing Paint



Cottage is an even mix of pale blue, pastel green and neutral grey. Reminiscent of a faded robin’s egg, this soft, muted color is common in provincial, or countryside home decor. Cottage is the perfect addition for farmhouse style, classic or traditional settings.

Don’t replace your outdated, mismatched or damaged furniture, rescue it! Perfect for whole pieces, small accents, tables, chairs, decorative moulding, fireplace mantles and interior decor, Chalkworthy helps you save your furniture’s worth, and transform your home with paint.

Chalkworthy is water-based, safe, low odor and low in VOC. Its dense, richly pigmented formula provides fast and easy coverage without the need to sand, prime or remove existing finishes. Chalkworthy adheres to wood, paint, brick concrete and most fabrics in a single coat, and dries in a soft, matte, chalky finish.

Complete your piece’s transformation and give it an aged charm with our Soft Waxes. Available in clear, black and burnt umber, each wax is adjustable to fit in with your existing decor, and will create a water-resistant barrier over your Chalkworthy application.

How Much Antiquing Paint Will Your Project Require?

  • Small: 18 square feet or less = 4 oz.
  • Medium: 75 square feet = 16 oz.
  • Large: 150 square feet = 32 oz.
Water-Based Acrylic Paint
Safe, Low on Odor, and VOCs
Covers Most Furniture Surfaces
Transforms in One Day

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