Giani Red Oak Wood Look Kit for Front Doors



Giani Red Oak reflects the innermost wood of the North American Champion Oak. It’s washed red tones over luxurious, deep grain complement a wide range of light to medium brick, siding and stucco colors.

From simple solid or dull, faded colors to the elegance and aesthetics of natural hardwoods, Giani Wood Look will help you paint your front door to look like wood and upgrade your home’s curb appeal in a single morning or afternoon.

Giani Wood Look Paint for Front Doors is a simple, three-step application that will transform smooth, embossed, flat or raised panel doors in just four hours. Each kit contains all necessary tools and covers 45 square feet of surface, which includes one side of the door and sidelights.

Crafted for use on painted steel and wood doors of any color, there is no need to prime prior to applying Giani Wood Look. Our unique system contains a Wood Tone Base Coat that will cover most existing colors in a single application, and our specially formulated Wood Grain Finish Coat that completes the wood look transformation.

Giani Wood Look for Front Doors is sure to revitalize an existing door, or add beauty to a new one and transform the entryway of your home.

Pair this kit with Giani Red Oak Wood Look for Garage Doors and give your home an exterior makeover without costly replacements.

The Red Oak Kit Includes:

  • 8 oz. Red Oak Wood Tone Base Coat
  • 8 oz. Red Oak Wood Grain Finish Coat
  • Giani Paint Mitt & Adjustable Wrist Band
  • 2" Brush
  • Plastic Tarp
  • Roll Painter's Tape
  • 6" Roller Arm and 1 Cover
  • 2 Stir Sticks
  • Step-By-Step Instructions

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