The Polaris PR704 16 Gauge Kitchen Ensemble

Polaris Sinks


The PR704 sink is one of the new, stainless steel, apron-style designs which are becoming ever more popular. In this ensemble package a pair of durable strainers and stainless steel grids are included. The sink itself matches the large format of the 405 and 406 models, but the PR704 is divided into two unequal sized bowls. The smaller basin features an offset drain, and at an 8 1/4-inch depth is shallower than the larger which is 10 inches deep. Constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge, 304-grade steel, this is a hard-wearing sink. It is fully insulated, has sound dampening pads, and an attractive brushed-satin finish. Compare with the reverse model, the PL704 Kitchen Ensemble.

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